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Friday, August 27, 2010

Miscellaneous August

As Summer moves into its final couple of weeks (we didn't really have a Summer this year, but the calendar says that technically we did!!!!) here are some photos of life around here this month.

A smoky sun last week from all the smoke blown here from BC's forest fires.

A box of cherries from my neighbors--used to make cherry jam and cherry pie fillings.

On a calm morning, a hot air balloon sailing across the eastern sky.  Of course I had to get Duffy in and close the doors because he goes absolutely insane when he sees them!! Such fun!

My garden, last Thursday, the worst of the smoky days.

Dave and his new/old bike--so he can give Duffy a good workout.

Duffy after a good brushing, clipping, and ear gluing--had wanted to bathe him but with all the smoke and humidity that would have been pointless.  Next time that Dave is here--because it's a 2 person job!!!

A big zucchini--18 inches long.

Dave and his big zucchini!! Hahaha!! Snort!!

Full moon rising--Tuesday night (24th).  Looks like 2 moons!!

A begonia that looks like a rose.  Some begonias grew well this cool, damp, year and others didn't.

Another lovely begonia.

A mixed petunia rockery that didn't start out that way!!  Had planted the lighter pink petunias, but others that had seeded themselves from years gone by, also came up, including an alyssum!! I think it looks nice--think I will mix and match next year!

A couple of varieties of peppers.  The neighbor have me some plants and I bought one plant.  I am so thrilled--I have never grown peppers before!!

The jalapeno plant I bought.  Has about a dozen peppers on it!!

Duffy having a great time with his favorite beach ball!!

Another action Duffy shot!

Love running collie photos!!! :)

Why the long face? (And what owner of collies has never said that???!!)

Flower power Duffy! Looking a lot like his dad in this picture--I think. Those of you that have seen Logan, what do you think?


J. said...

I love the photos! What a great way to remember the month. I fell off the chair laughing at Dave and his big zucchini...ha ha ha.

Dianne SS said...

Thanks Jacqueline!! Yeah, that Dave!!!!! LOL!!!!

onecollie said...

LOVE all those pictures!!...haha Dave's sure got a big zucchini!! double snort !!
My begonia's are not nearly as big as yours! My petunias are wild this year, they have taken over all the other plants!!
Duffy looks FANTASTIC!!!! you would just die laughing if you saw Kort in person...he is sooooo bald! & still loosing hair, I think it was also a combination of the anesthetic from being neutered as well as his 2nd year shed.

Squishy said...

Love the photos. And that zucchini.....wowzie!!!