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Monday, August 9, 2010

Duffy Goes to University!!

Yesterday, we decided to go somewhere with Duffy so that we could have a nice walk-around in a different area than the neighborhood.  We wanted to go to Hawrelyk Park as it's big, has all those ducks and geese and would be full of mosquitoes, with any luck!! We drove in and then we see the sign-NO DOGS ALLOWED!! What? Has that been there before? Then we see 2 others along the drive through roadway. How had we missed those signs the other 2 times we took Duffy there? Must be like our local park--we took Duffy through there lots and lots of times and I have seen other people with their dogs there too.  Then earlier this year I saw the NO DOGS ALLOWED sign? Huh? Is that new? Doesn't look like it.  Or do they take old signs and periodically put them up in parks that used to allow dogs? It's a conspiracy!

This is what Duffy thought about it all!!

Although we did see a little dog in Hawrelyk Park, we decided to go elsewhere--that being the University of Alberta campus as it's close by.  I haven't been there for years--the last time I taught there was in 2001. I spent 8 years there as a student from 1970-78 and then taught there from 1984-6 and then again from 1990-2001. It's a pretty place in the summer.  Winter time--well nothing's too great when it's cold and a blizzard is blowing.  Mind you when I was a student, we had to walk outside between buildings to go to our classes, which were invariably scheduled so that 2 classes were back to back but in 2 different buildings across the campus from each other.  Now those sissy students have connected buildings!!

There's construction going on--what's new? Will that campus ever be free of it? But they have added some really nice little rockery, waterfall, babbling brook, pond features and that's kind of neat. I think Duffy enjoyed the new surroundings--as he pondered his future educational plans!!! LOL

Maybe something in the Social Sciences-like History? We are in front of the Henry Marshall Tory Building--home of Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, and of course History.
How about Arts?
There's always Native Studies! The tepee in front of Pembina Hall--home of the Faculty of Native Studies.
Time to check out one of the streams.
And a pond.
Coming down the steps of the Students' Union Building.
So many possibilities--better head to the Admin Building and pick up some catalogues!! Did you say "cat"alogues!! I like this place!!!!


J. said...

Love it!! Brings back memories. I have a photo of myself at my first convocation standing by the Arts signpost.

It's funny...I was just thinking about the U of A before I checked your blog because when I come back, I'm going to the bookstore and stock up on some books that I just can't find here (obviously). Maybe closer to the first week of October though after the madness at the bookstore has settled down for the term...

J. said...

Oh and the "No Dogs Allowed" sign should read "No Irresponsible Dog Owners Allowed." The dogs I have no problem with generally, it's the owners who refuse to pick up the poop (we've had to scrape the kids' shoes twice now...ugh) and LM has been knocked down three times now by the same dog...a large black lab that chases him and runs him down. He's lying there screaming in terror and the owner's laughing saying, "Oh, he just loves kids." Now my son is terrified of all dogs on sight and starts crying and running away until he's sure the dog isn't going to knock him down. He was bawling and running from a small terrier last week. Sad really. Oh and that black lab is on my body check list...LOL. The owner refuses to use a leash and now I run at the dog to keep it from harming my little guy...

Dianne SS said...

I knew you would love the pix of the U of A Jacqueline! Yeah, October would be better for a bookstore visit!

I guess that's the problem about the dogs and why they have banned them in the parks--too many irresponsible owners who don't keep their dogs on a leash, who don't pick up after them, and who allow them to be uncontrolled. Too bad, because it ruins things for those of us who are responsible. I even carry poop bags in my purse!!! I

Poor little LM.--how terrifying and scary for him. I would love to see you running interference with a body check!! Good for you!!

J. said...

I's unfortunate...I know so many decent dog, Christine, Gloria,'s sad when irresponsible people spoil it for everyone.

Yeah, K. has run interference too, actually using his body to block the dog from going near LM . The owner came up and gave him heck for it, but K. said, "Maybe your dog should be on a lead and I wouldn't have to do that. My duty is to protect my son."