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Friday, August 6, 2010

Duffy's New Home

Well house actually. Doghouse to be exact.  Dave has wanted to build Duffy a doghouse since the first year.  I haven't been enthusiastic about it mainly because I know Duffy's habits and likes.  He likes to sit on the back porch against the door, where he can see everything. If anything is going on, he roars off the porch at top speed and either runs to the side gate or the back gate.  If it's hot he goes into the garage to sleep or under the steps.  He even sits on the back porch if it's raining (as long as it's dry under the eaves overhang) and when it's snowing.  When he doesn't want to be outside anymore he lets me know and in he comes.  But I finally gave in this year because this seemed to be something Dave really wanted to do and so Dave set to work building Chateau Duffy! He brought it up from Olds on Wednesday, strapped to the back end of his welding truck.  He got a lot of looks from people on Highway 2!!  We made a fuss over it and of course Duffy was all excited.  He obliged us by going in and out, posing, and even lying in the doorway.

I think he was just humoring us! LOL!!! He doesn't go in unless we encourage him.  Dave did a great job and matched colors up really nicely.

The architect and builder!

Maybe on a rainy day or on a snowy, cold one, Duffy will actually use his house. I hope so, for Dave's sake!! But if Duffy doesn't use it, maybe the next doggy will! LOL!!


J. said...

Nice job, Dave! It looks fabulous. Maybe there's a sideline there for you...custom built designer dog houses... :)

Hope Duffy likes it too and is willing to nap in there from time to time...

onecollie said...

OMG! I love it!!, I have been wanting a house for Kort, I think he might use one, you tell Duffy his brother will try it on for size if he wants ! LOL!
Great job Dave!, very impressive!

Squishy said...

What a beautiful dog house!! I have several here that will use it if Duffy doesn't want to!! Send it on down to California!!!

Dianne SS said...

I have passed along your compliments to Dave--thanks everyone! Two people already want Dave to build them a doghouse, so maybe this could be a sideline venture for Dave!!!

I'll tell Duffy that he better shape up and use his house, or it might go to some other lucky doggies!!