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Friday, September 3, 2010

Remembering an Anniversary

Today would have been my parents' 61st wedding anniversary.  I am so glad that they did get to celebrate their 60th last year no matter what the marriage had been like.  We had a little party on the unit on Sunday, September 6. So here are some pictures from the last couple of anniversaries and the party last year.

2006--Rooftop Garden
2007--They came to the house and we had a BBQ.

2008--their anniversary fell on the Wednesday Coffee and Cake day, so I baked a cake and the other residents joined in to help celebrate. Here something has caused Mother to get the giggles--Father, who can't hear is looking at her like,"What's wrong with you?"LOL

2009--60 years!!

With the cousins and second cousins and Father's niece.
Father and Rhona, his eldest niece. He babysat her and her younger siblings--he's only 11 years older than her.

Duffy was there too!!

I had to fill in for Mother in the cake cutting.

Many thanks go to SWD for helping to put on the party, decorate, and serve, and especially to Diane for baking the cake! You ladies are the best!!


Squishy said...

I love Duffy there!! I bet everyone went nuts over him! It's wonderful some couples can be together so long to celebrate 60 years! My parents were days away from their 30th when my mom died. Long time!

onecollie said...

thanks for sharing those pictures Dianne!
My mom & dad's anniversary is on the 6th, they would have celebrated 52 years this year :((
It will be a hard day for mom I'm sure....