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Monday, September 13, 2010

Puppies and other doggy stuff

Ack! What are these things that appear mysteriously all over the house on the floor? Do they belong to Duffy? Yes they do, as we continue with 2010, the year of the big shedding aka the shedding that never ends! I brush and brush and brush and get buckets of hair off him and he's still shedding!! I vacuum every day and in an hour the floor is hairy again!! What a joy!!
Oh, there's the culprit doing his doggy aerobics and spreading his hair around!!
And here he is, making sure that I am following him as we play hide and seek with "Fluffy Ball"!!

And we come to the puppies--last Friday, Edith and I delivered 13 of the 16 puppies for new residents.  Sadly 3 people had already passed away.
Delivering the puppies to men is always a hoot--they get this quizical smile on their faces and feel kind of silly, but kind of like it too!! Some will say that they will give it to their grandchildren--sure you will!! Hahaha! We had help from one the staff on the Chinese unit--she found each one of the residents and translated while I explained to the resident that this was a gift to welcome them to the EG.  Then they were coached either by her or in one case a daughter to say "thank you" in English!! They did so and they bowed and I bowed and said "You are welcome". On another unit, one lady just wanted to talk and talk. Turns out she was a war bride, born in Scotland, said that she was the youngest war bride and the last war bride. She's 88 and full of spunk and will to carry on, even though she's been in a wheelchair for 10 years.There's so much history and lives well lived in all these people.


onecollie said...

Duffy still looks super hairy compared to his poor poor brother :))

Dianne SS said...

Maybe things look better in photos, because Kort looks pretty good in your pix and videos!!

J. said...

Holy hair...LOL. Well, on the plus side, it looks like it comes out in clumps, so it must be easier to sweep up or vacuum up than some other dogs who seem to shed individual hairs that just fly around the house...

Neat about the war bride. I bet she has a lot of great stories. That was one of my favorite parts of talking with the elders back in SK...listening to what their lives were like back in the they did everyday things...just fascinating!

Squishy said...

Have fun with that hair!! I have some too. As soon as I vacuum it's back, floating in the corners of our little house. So great you gave out puppies. What stories old people have to tell and so many of us don't take the time to listen to them. T's mom has a 92 yr old boyfriend who has incredible stories to tell, my favorite being when he got about 30 mustangs to train and the guy didn't have the money to pay him when he was done, but gave him one of the mustangs and a saddle. The story went fascinating.