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Monday, February 3, 2014


Neither of my collies have ever had any problem with steps/stairs.  The first ones they have to learn to negotiate around here are the outside back porch steps--a must for getting outside to do their business. So, for Duffy he was 9 weeks old when he mastered them--with coaching help from Dave and I.  Lanny was 10 weeks old when he came here, so pretty much right off the bat he got the down part going, and with some coaching help from Duffy, got the up part!!  Then there are the basement steps--14 stairs and kind of a narrow tread. Lanny is the most at ease with them.  While Duffy just goes straight up or straight down without stopping, Lanny can stop part-way anywhere on them and turn around on them.  The latter feat is amazing!! I expected he would probably stop doing that as he grew bigger, but no, he still does it!! The neatest thing is that he walks right beside me as we go up the stairs--he can adapt his pace to any situation!! Pretty cool, I'd say!!

I think I have the picture issue resolved--many thanks to Sherman of for a tip to use Google Chrome. I was getting all kinds of really annoying pop-up garbage too and have managed to uninstall some things that were causing that.  I was about ready to give up on blogging, because it was so frustrating to do anything on the blog!!

So, while I don't have any pictures of the doggies on the stairs, I'm posting a couple of sleeping dogs. The one of Lanny sleeping on the cold, hard floor, between the 2 beds was on Facebook a couple of days ago. And the other photo--all 3 of my guys are in the room! I thought it was kind of sweet--but I didn't include Dave--he was all covered up by the comforters anyway. He says I keep this house at too cold a temperature!!


onecollie said...

hurray to the fixed blog!!
Lync is exactly the same as Lanny, he can turn twist jump going up & down stairs, a regular circus dog he is :)

Squishy said...

We're getting closer on the face shots.............

Dianne SS said...

Hahaha Diana!!

I think Lanny and Lync would have a lot of fun together--I still say it's the black coat thing!!

JM said...

Aw, I love the last photo. So sweet!

Hurray for getting the blog bugs fixed. :)


Glad Dog Dad and I could help. We would be sad if you stopped blogging.