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Friday, January 24, 2014

Gotcha Day!!

January 23 was Gotcha Day for Lanny!! It was a long day, of getting out to the airport, getting on a flight to Calgary, then a connecting  flight to Winnipeg.  It was a super cold day in Winnipeg, while a blizzard was blowing in Edmonton!! Ray was delayed at Customs and I was getting panicky that he wouldn't arrive and I'd be going home without my puppy :(((  WestJet was great--as always--they took me to an office where I could call him and find out what was going on.  I was so relieved when he arrived!!  We had to put Lanny and his crate through the security baggage right away, as it was about an hour from flight time.  Once I boarded, I couldn't relax until I was given the form that showed that Lanny was on board too!.  Then after we got into Edmonton, something wasn't working with the baggage area, then they got that going, and everyone picked up their stuff but another woman and I.  Even all the other oversize stuff had come through. She and her 2 little kids were waiting for their larger dog--the smaller had travelled in the cabin with them.  The little boy was crying, scared something had happened--I knew just how he felt!! Again, such relief when Lanny and his crate came through the plastic strips!! Home we went to get settled in.  The cutest little tri puppy in the world was mine at last!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  He's still the cutest, by the way!!!

PS I can't seem to download photos.  I tried to do a post the other day and had problems, but thought it was just a glitch that would go away. No such luck. A small circle that changes colors shows up on the photo link window and seems to freeze the whole thing. If I figure out how to fix this, I'll post the photos of Lanny's first day here!! But I wanted everyone to know that I didn't forget Lanny's Gotcha Day!!!


onecollie said...

wow a whole year! I remember that long day for you!! Looking forward to seeing baby pictures, I wonder what's up with your computer?

JM said...

Can't believe it's been a whole year. Hurray for Lanny. And yeah, we need not only baby pics but new photos too! :)


Can't wait to see some pawtographs.


I had problems posting using the regular explorer. The pictures would load, but wouldn't post. When we used the chrome we were able to post the pawtographs.


Dianne SS said...

That's a good tip Sherman!! Thanks!!

I want to get Lanny all prettied up before I take some new photos--one of these days!!!

Squishy said...

Well crap. You don't blog for a year, then all of a sudden there's a post a week old!! Man oh man!! I can't believe you've had your puppy for a year! Time flies and I bet it was very stressful getting him. I REALLY (like I may have mentioned 12 times before) want to see GOOD photos of Lanny & his head & face, etc. Like, maybe there is someone who can help you?? Or maybe you need to go see one of your potential handlers for a photoshoot???