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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thought for the day...

Or maybe my observation for the day. On Friday I was sitting in the waiting area at Dynacare Labs at Northgate.  I was there for my regular every 6 week blood test--to see what my T3 and T4 levels are doing. As I waited for my name to be called, I noticed that all the people there who were younger than 50ish were busy texting or reading their iPhone or whatever. My generation and older aged people, just sat and looked around. One woman made a call on her cell phone, but then she put it away. I've seen the same thing on buses. The younger generations seem to need to be technologically plugged into some device--they can't just sit and watch the world around them.  I can see this being a dangerous trend as people lose the ability to interact directly with each other and can only do so via social media like FB, texts, or emails.

Really sad--rude too!!

I can see language skills deteriorating as well. And of course, distracted driving or any other activity is dangerous and can be fatal. 

Fool hardy!!!!
I know I'm a bit of a Neo-Luddite ( Neo-Luddism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ). I only got a cell phone last fall, and that was because I was so frustrated with trying to get a land line hooked-up at the farm. It's a very limited use phone, mostly for Dave and I to keep in touch when he or I are on the farm.  I was glad to have the phone when I was in the hospital as I was able to talk to a couple of people everyday and not lose my mind with boredom!! And it's good to have if a person is travelling on the highways and bi-ways.  But other than that I don't use it and don't want to.  I hate talking on it--that delayed voice thing really bugs me.  It's like a trans-oceanic call!!  I can't see the need to be in constant contact with anyone!! I don't want to be available at all times!! When I go shopping, I want to shop, not yak on the phone. When I'm in the great outdoors I want to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, not bury my head in texting or yakking on the phone. I keep asking the question, " How did we manage to function 15-20 years ago before cell phones and computers took over every one's life?" One of these days I might just quit FB and even this blog. When my computer crashed a couple of years ago and I was waiting to see if my files could be saved and have a new computer set up, I noticed how much more time I had and how I had a renewed interest in doing things like sewing and embroidering. Maybe it's time to 'break' a few machines--figuratively at least!!

Oh, and I don't have a dishwasher either!!!


onecollie said...

Have you seen the commercial on tv where the young guy is trying to talk to his girlfriend/wife in the restaurant? She & everyone else has their nose in their phones so he texts her to look up...she looks up & he hands her a gift. Sad isn't it :(

Dianne SS said...

Yes, I've seen that commercial. Sadly it does represent what is going on these days.


We agree. Dad has only a work cell phone. He doesn't like being plugged into the rest of the world.

Squishy said...

I am so with you here Dianne and I have really cut my time down on FB and have considered stopping my blog. The photos are so disturbing, especially when a whole group of people are sitting together but not talking to each other. But chances are, one is talking to the other person across the table, about someone sitting next to them, etc. I have been to several dog shows where people comment and "like" my posts and 5 feet away, they hardly say anything to you. I just really prefer talking on the phone, or email. People nowdays say the meanest things on FB, (or online) because they are faceless. Anyway, I really liked this post.