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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dixieland Music and Cheesecake

Yesterday, Second Wind Dreams put on a special event on unit 12Y at the EG.  This is one of the units that has never put in any requests for dreams.  So we hit upon the idea of contacting those units and asking if we can put on an entertainment event for the whole unit. The idea seems to be working! This unit was quite happy to have something special on a Sunday afternoon. We had 3 different kinds of cheesecake from Safeway, punch and coffee from Food Services, and the Dixieland band, Panache, provided the entertainment.  They play music from all eras of the 20th century in addition to Dixieland. They even have a crooner--the trombonist did a fine rendering of Besame Mucho!! They play for free, which is amazing, especially as there are 8 of them now, and they have all the work of hauling their equipment back and forth, never mind the playing!!  Everyone had a good time!

Residents and band--using the wide angle setting.

Diane and Phyllis enjoying the music.

Claire and good to the last spoonful Kay!