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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cat Alert

Duffy and the cat stare at each other.  This was taken through the closed door, as I didn't want to scare off the cat before I got a picture!

Nice kitty!

Duffy assumes a down position--good herding potential!
Something made me look out the door yesterday morning--maybe Duffy had barked, but I don't think so.  But he was standing and looking into the garden. And there was a fluffy Persian cat that didn't seem to know what to do.  I don't know how it got in--maybe under the gate--but it didn't appear to know how to get out. It was a pretty thing--big blue eyes, tail as fluffy as Duffy's. But it didn't have many street smarts--most cats don't hang around when spotted somewhere they aren't supposed to be.  They get the heck out of Dodge very quickly!  I put Duffy in the house, not because he would have hurt the cat or chased after it, but because the cat was scared of him.  Then I opened up the gate and the little fence and tried to coax the cat out and to 'go home'. Nothing doing--it settled in even more. There was no collar or tag on the cat so no one to call. I got on some gloves and picked it up and carried it out to the driveway. It didn't claw or hiss and was probably ready to be my pet!! But, hopefully it went home to its own people.


onecollie said...

probably wanted to poop in your garden, can you tell I'm not a fan of cats :)

Dianne SS said...

It had already pee'd--saw a wet spot in the middle of a dry area and I know it wasn't Duffy--he doesn't jump over the little fence. I like some cats fine--I'm quite allergic to most of them though. And if they wander around and poop in my flower beds--then no more Ms. Nice Girl!! I used to use Critter Ridder!

onecollie said...

ewwwww pee is even worse, makes me so mad that cats run around free, owners don't have to buy licenses or anything, they poop & pee in kids sandboxes etc.
I chase them from my yard as they try to kill the birds in my feeders
I have to sat though that Duffy is such a good boy!!! Kort would have screeched & ran after it for sure

Squishy said...

Probably someone's house cat that got out and maybe a neighbor very close. Hopefully the kitty got home ok. Good boy Duffy!!


Good boy Duffy. We like cats too.

Essex & Sherman