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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


At the park--Linnea was 2 1/2.

My friend Jacqueline and her 2 little kiddies are now on the first leg of their trip back to Perth, Australia (nice, warm Perth, might I add!!).  It's one heck of a loooong flight  and she has to look after to the 2 kiddies on her own!! They are spending tonight in Vancouver and then tomorrow night they are off to Auckland where they have an 8 hour lay-over before the the final leg to Perth. So I thought a couple of pix from the Summers gone by of their visits to my place, were in order.

Jacqueline and Linnea

I miss my garden helper!!

Linnea's bench at the park!

Linnea and Duffy--she was 3 and he was 3 months old!!

Too bad Duffy isn't paying attention, but I love this picture!!

And Liam was 4 months old and one of the reson's Duffy loves babies so much!!
Kevin and the kiddies--August  2009--BBQ and last visit before the big move to Australia


Squishy said...

The 3 month old Duffy photo is so cute!! I love it! Australia is so far away. Omg!!

J. said...

I love this post! Thanks for putting up all these photos. I forgot about some of them! The one of Linnea taking a pic of Duffy is so sweet.

We had such a great time visiting you. Make sure you come on over in March for a bit of warmth and sunshine!!