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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Very Different Weeks-Part II

Okay, for the 2 1/2 people that read this blog, onto the good stuff of the 2nd week!! First of all the RCMP determined that the other driver is at fault by going through a red light! Guess they went and checked on that pressure activated left-hand turn lane that Dave mentioned to them!! Hahahahaha!! So that means the Third Party's insurance company is going to have to pay for my truck's repairs! Yay!! I guess? My AMA guy is trying to get the info for me, so we can actually get on this--like the before the snow flies maybe? Oh, wait, there's some snow falling this morning!  Well before Christmas then?  I'll be really happy when the repairs actually begin!!

Then we of Second Wind Dreams had a busy and productive week--I'm finally getting into this chair business, but it's a lot of work--unpaid of course.  The story of my life!! Anyway, we had a saxophone and cheesecake hour on Unit 4AB last Sunday, 2 special meals for 2 6Y residents--one was dim sum and the other lobster--set up in the solarium, complete with flowers, tablecloths, etc., and a dinner out for a resident and his lady friend, donated by Buffet Royale. I didn't take the pix for the meals, but here are some from the saxophone hour.

Colleen the saxophone lady. She plays tenor and alto sax and sings quite well too!!
The RCM on 6Y is wonderful--she's so helpful and ready to be involved and that makes such a difference and I also have dear Pollyanna, the Rec. Therapist for the Chinese units and 7C and 7Y, who is always willing to help.  If only everyone was like that!! And I think I have solved the problem of why I never get emails from the EG!! One person was using an email address that started with "b" instead of "D"!! Yeah, that's works!! And others were using an old Covenant email address. I was about ready to give up on being chair, because if I couldn't receive emails from the place, what was the point!!

Duffy's runny poop problem is clearing up nicely and he's sneezing less everyday and last night he didn't have any reverse sneezes at all!! His eye has a discharge again though--one of the classic signs of vaccine damage--distemper vaccine fact.  So the problems are still there. But that's where the homeopath comes in.

I picked up my vastly reduced in price tickets for the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November--November 10 to be exact!! Yay!! And that's because I'm a Northlands volunteer!! Mind you the tickets are only for Wednesday or Thursday performances, but that's okay by me!! Also got complimentary tickets to Farm Fair--can go any day. So that broiled sunburn back in July at the Indy was worth it!!! LOL!!

Also Dave and I finally had our Thanksgiving dinner--a week late!!Lemon Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Winter Squash, and Apples.  Yum!!

And finally we come to the Basic Manners classes with Duffy. The first class, 3 weeks ago, was a semi-nightmare as Duffy whined the whole time and only stopped when we were doing something.  Geez, was that annoying.  And he was pretty stressed--wanted to climb on my lap a couple of times.  We aren't supposed to let our dogs interact with each other, so that upset Duffy too. After that 1st class, I had my doubts about how we would do.  But the 2nd class was a vast improvement--hardly a whine and I began to be cautiously optimistic that we would graduate!!!!!!!! Dave came to the 3rd class this past week, although his involvement was limited as he doesn't know the commands and sequences, because he's not been here to practise. And the best news of all, is that Duffy is sooo smart--he gets things right away.  I've always known he is a one smart dog, but a class setting just proves it.  And he likes to show off that he knows everything!! We did an 'Around the World' exercise on Tuesday, where one after another, everyone has to put their dog in a sit, and the instructor times the whole thing. I have to say, proudly, that Duffy was the fastest onto his little butt!! The total class time was 35 seconds--we have to beat that this week!!

If we can get some improvement in his stress and anxiety issues, I think that there's nothing that Duffy can't learn and that we could do well together. I'm thrilled and excited about our future!! And I ♥ my Duffy Boy so much!! Even when he's whining!!!

What will this week be like? Well hopefully nothing like 2 weeks ago!!


onecollie said...

I am really sure more then 2.5 people read your blog! LOL!
Poor Duffy, all anxious.....he will get better, don't stress, he may be picking up on your anxiety.
That inverted sneezing & runny nose sounds like a kennel cough to me...glad he's on the mend.
Soooo happy you get to have your truck fixed, geez what a nightmare huh!

Squishy said...

Ok, this post (and comment from one of the 2 1/2) is so much better.....the last one was making me cry.......Glad to hear all is well with the insurance and Duffy is doing better in class. It's a good thing to do.
Did you ever work with the homeopath? Email me.