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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Time Duffy Pix

Although I have other topics to blog about, I thought it was time that I posted some photos of  The Duffster. He's been shedding like crazy over the last couple of weeks but he still looks pretty good--I think anyway!Nothing exciting just posing pictures.

Duffy's moth--I tied Duffy up because he would have eaten the moth, which I had already rescued from the garage and I thought it was too pretty to be eaten!

Geez, I'm bored--enough with the pictures!


Squishy said...

What a fluffy dog!!! The moth photo is funny! said...

As long as the moth didn't move, Duffy just stared at it, but if it moved, he was ready for a snack! He has a good coat even when he's shedding--I put that down to the fact that he is outside a lot and the diet!