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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Honda Indy Edmonton 2010

I volunteered to sell 50/50 tickets for 2 days of the race. Five communities around the City Centre Airport/racetrack have a deal with the City of Edmonton to sell the tickets and share the proceeds among the communities.  I live in one of those communities--Westwood.  Every year for the past 5 years that the Indy has been held here, we can hear the cars roaring around the track, we get the fly-by from the fighter jets and basically we feel that we are almost there. This year I decided to help out and actually be there.  It was hot the first day and hotter the 2nd.  This was the color of my face and neck by Saturday afternoon!!

Or maybe it was this color!
Here's my credentials/ID card--the one I needed a security check for!
I didn't actually take any pictures, because slogging up and down a hot tarmac in a red t-shirt and heavy 2-sided red apron wasn't really conducive to picture taking! But here's a wire service photo of the Edmonton skyline, the grandstands and the cars coming around the first curve.
The face of defeat--Helio Castroneves. He was in 1st place but on a controversial penalty call, ended up losing.  He was pretty upset before this picture was taken.
And the winner is...Scott Dixon!
1st, Scott Dixon, 2nd, Will Power (yes that's really his name!!), and 3rd, Dario Franchitti.
Next year, the outfit from Montreal takes over from Northlands to put on the Indy, so we will see what happens then.


onecollie said...

fancy blog !!!!, love the "this day in history" & "quote of the week!"
did you try the vinegar on your face?...& how come we don't get to see a picture of your red face!

Dianne SS said...

By the time I read your suggestion about the vinegar my face wasn't hot anymore--just red. I had used rose water and that seemed to help. I did try to take a picture of my red face--but they were very scary!! LOL