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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Riverboat Excursion!

Last Thursday Second Wind Dreams took 2 residents on a lunch cruise on the Edmonton Queen Riverboat. The original 2 ladies were both named Theresa but when the day arrived, one of them backed out and the other one almost did. But then she decided, "it wouldn't kill her--probably", so she was all set to go! Another resident Annie, was recruited and off we went.  We also took one of the nursing assistants, Lynda, who had helped the residents with writing up their dream.  She was a sweet girl and so good with the ladies and she was so excited to go on the riverboat that she had been up since 4 that morning!  We were all excited, none of us having ever been on that riverboat. I have been on the paddle wheeler at Heritage Park in Calgary and crossed both the South and North Saskatchewan Rivers on the ferries in Saskatchewan, but this was a real thrill.  The weather was beautiful, the cruise was full with other seniors from some assisted living facilities and a group of children.  The residents wanted hot dogs for lunch because they never have hot dogs at mealtime at the EG, so hot dogs it was! We all had a wonderful time and Annie and Theresa had the most special dream fulfilled--even if Annie didn't know she had this dream until now!!!
Theresa, Lynda, and Annie
The SWD team: Doreen, myself, Lynda, and Kay in the back and Theresa, Annie, and Edith in front.
Edmonton riverbank buildings
Going under the James McDonald Bridge
A motorboat showing off when he saw he had an audience.  Maybe he does this everyday? LOL
The river is fairly high this year thanks to all the rain in the foothills.
This pretty dragonfly sat right in front of me--look at the copper color in its wings!
Everyone enjoying the view.

Just to prove it was a paddle wheeler!

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