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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SWD 5th Annual BBQ

On Friday (June 11) SWD put on our 5th "Where's the Beef?" BBQ at the Edmonton General.  The 1st BBQ launched SWD and the idea was to give residents a meal they don't receive often--hamburgers--along with several salads, ice cream and pop. I think this was the best one yet! We had residents from Units 11Y and 4AB attending this year as well as some staff from those units and some guests.  Although we would like to have everyone at the BBQ, there's only room for 2 units in the auditorium, so they are chosen by draw.

"Mr. Melody" entertained for the first half and he was pretty good.  We also had a Grade 5 class from Grandin School here in Edmonton in attendance.  They helped out by getting plates of food for the residents,  sat and ate with the residents, and then provided the entertainment for the 2nd half of the BBQ. They have a string section in the band and they performed 2 songs, including Ode to Joy, which is pretty ambitious for students only in their 2nd year with the instruments.  Two girls sang acapella, and then the whole group put on a terrific little skit.  They took well-known fairy tales--Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.--mixed them together, and put a modern spin on them.  So the heroines all had cell phones and chorused "WHAT EVERRR"" at opportune moments. LOL!  They were pretty funny and they clearly had fun too. 
Mr. Melody doing his Elvis impersonation. "I wanna be your teddy bear"!
The song birds
The skit
We also honored Edwin Collins, who has now retired from volunteering with Family Council, SWD, and the Welcoming Committe.  He's almost 91 and has decided to 'slow down' a bit and concentrate on his square dancing. I sure hope I can be that active at that age and live that long too!  Edwin is a real gentleman and it's been a delight to work with him on all the committees and Family Council.  His wife had been a resident at the EG and although she passed away 5 years ago, he continued to volunteer.  He loves to hug everyone and we love to hug him back! We will miss you Edwin, but enjoy your 'retirement'

Al Pierog, VP Caritas Continuing Care honoring Edwin. Bill Williams is sitting and looking over his notes--he's next to speak! And that other gentleman? That's my daddy! He gets to come to these events because I'm on the committee!

Bill and Lorraine Williams with Edwin Collins. They were all in Family Council right from its inception.

Edwin saying a few words.
The SWD gals-Diane, Doreen, and Kay who just had knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago. You can't keep a Greek down for long!


onecollie said...

that looks like such a good time!, what fun for the residents too!
Good for those grade 5 students, such a wonderful thing to learn at an early age, to be helpful & generous & kind to the elderly...
you guys rock!!
PS I LOVE Duffy's nose!!!

Squishy said...

Ok. I like Mr. Melody. Maybe we can rent him for a party down south!
The 91 yr old who just retired. Sounds like my aunt who just turned 90. She's still off to Maui several times a year to sit on the beach in front of her condo. What a kick! Nice your dad can be involved.

Dianne SS said...

LOL Diana! DO you think he could get a Green Card? Your aunt sounds delightful--great that she can enjoy life so much.

Yes Jolene, those kids were great--and they want to volunteer more at the EG, except that the EG, in its usual fashion, is not taking them up on it and missing out on a golden opportunity. The residents love having kids around.

I love Duffy's nose too! Hehe!