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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Duffy Came Home!

Two years ago today (which also happens to be Dave's mom's birthday) we brought little Duffy home from Davenloch. He's brought lots of changes--good ones-- he fills my days, makes me laugh, is a hit wherever he goes, and he's my best buddy.  Here are some pictures from that hot June 29, 2008.

                                                    On that first day he examined flowers
 Schmoozed with Dave
                                                                                  Took a giant step!
Found the coolest spot in the poppies and by the water barrel
And sacked out--whew what a day!


onecollie said...

Happy Gotcha Day Duffy, love your brother Kort...woof woof!!

Squishy said...

That is so cute!! I just love them when they're so little.