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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ack! Can you see what's missing?

On Saturday I mowed the lawn, and worked until 10 planting the rest of my flowers. I had noticed that my garden gloves kept catching on my engagement ring, but just thought it was because I wear those black rubber on one side, cloth on the the top side gloves and they fit, well, like a glove! Haha! Later after I showered and was watching TV, I could feel the clasps scratching all the time, so I actually looked at my ring and to my horror the middle sapphire was missing! Ack!

I knew I had the jeweler's insurance appraisal filed in Olds, so I asked Dave to look for it--I knew which file cabinet and which drawer it was in! I wanted the exact description of the stones so I could tell the jeweler.  Well after 3 days with 2 phone calls a day mind you, Dave finally remembered to look for it and  and he still had to phone back with the info because he had forgotten again! Anyway, I'm off to the jeweler's today to get the stone replaced. Considering I have been wearing the ring for 21 1/2 years, since December 1988, I guess loosing a stone after all this time isn't too bad. Oh, and if you noticed that maybe a stone was missing from the wedding ring--you'd be right!  That happened a few years ago so I'm going to get that replaced too. The wedding ring was custom made to fit the engagement ring. I'm not a diamonds kind of gal--I like colored stones and diamonds as accents, so that's why my rings are not the traditional wedding ring set.

Because I feel naked without a ring on my left hand, I'm wearing this ring in the meantime. A number of years ago, Dave gave me this ring with a matching necklace.  But I will be very, very happy to get my rings back!


onecollie said...

oh no!!
I had a claw that that moved a few years ago so I had to send my engagement ring in before I lost the diamond...I know what you mean, my hand felt so weird wearing just one ring!

Squishy said...

Oh my gosh!!! Good thing you can get it replaced without too much worry! I wear gloves most of the time (helps with keeping your fingers when they get caught in RV awnings) and the ring I chose has a "hunkier" setting for the diamond. I don't want to look down anytime soon and see anything missing! 21 1/2 years is pretty impressive though! Maybe gardening is too risky?? Hehehehe!!

J. said...

Wow, how awful! I'm glad it can be replaced though without too much aggravation...and yeah, 21 years without losing a stone is pretty good!

Dianne SS said...

Thanks for your sympathies ladies! Got the estimate yesterday and between the 2 rings it will cost $675--the price of gold being one of the factors in increasing the cost. Oh well. Guess I will take my rings off when I garden, from now on!