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Sunday, March 16, 2014

So, what's been happening lately?

Chinese New Year at the Edmonton General on February 1
My dad and I--there was a girl making balloon animals, and naturally everyone wanted a horse, as it is the Year of the Horse!!
Pollyanna and I were the emcees
Second Wind Dreams chose Pollyanna to be our Star of the Month--she's a Rec therapist and has been very supportive of SWD and is a wonderful woman!!
Duffy and Lanny went nose to nose!!
Students from Lynnwood School made 500 Valentine cards and delivered them February 13. They were a great group of kids!! Then they had ice cream and juice afterwards, compliments of SWD.  My dad was chosen for the official picture as I was there to give consent!! His picture is in the Oliver Community News too!!
We were in the middle of a miserable, cold February, and this is what the windows of the house looked like on the inside!! Brrrr!!!
Lanny and Duffy snuggled up to keep warm!! Well, Duffy chose the spot and Lanny followed suit!!
March arrived and so did some much desired warmer weather--but now the pump comes out to get rid of  the water!
March 14, SWD celebrated its 200th dream-yeah!! We fulfilled a dream for a lady who wanted really good pizza and we put on a party for the whole unit.  The media came, but I missed that part, as I was dealing with water problems at home--water main broke down the lane and there was no water for 2 days. Friday at 10:45, they had turned the water on for a little while, so I was filling buckets again before I could head down to the EG.
We can actually see grass again (well okay, bare, brown ground, but it's a nice change from snow!!) at the farm--at least where Dave has been keeping the snow down and making paths!!
Meanwhile Lanny had fun climbing snow drifts!!
While Duffy supervised and took it easy!!


Squishy said...

I thought you were dead, but then I saw you on FB occasionally.........I like the cold in the window corner. It actually looks like some sort of a weird ghost haha! I hope we get more photos of Lanny..........please.......I guess I'm glad to see you can pump water rather than have 12 feet of snow??????? Ugggg.....but I bet Canadians are tougher than Sunny Californians!!

onecollie said...

crap those are frosty windows!! and wow that is alot of water , you need to move south, just sayin :)