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Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring????

It's been snowing and blowing since 6 AM.  Highways are not good.  So we decided to postpone going to Camrose until tomorrow morning. The Collie Club of Canada National is being held in Camrose this year which is really exciting--in all likelihood it will never be closer to Edmonton than this!! The dog shows that are still held in Edmonton are summer shows, and collie coats are at their best when cold weather has been around for awhile, so the National is typically in the late winter or early spring. No shortage of cold weather this year!! I am going for a much needed break--so no stresses of having a dog to show, hauling crates, food, etc.  Just going to visit with breeders, friends, especially Jolene (♥), shop, and have fun!! Jolene has her veteran boy Tate entered, and Duffy's mom, Abby is entered in Veterans as well--very cool!! And there will be lots of other Collies too!! Jolene's Flat-Coat Retriever puppy Lync is entered in his first full fledged show, so that's exciting!! Should have tons of pictures after I get back!!

Everything is all covered with snow again! Phooey!!


Collie222 said...

Our National is in a little over two weeks - we can't wait!

And sorry about the snow, hopefully that will be the last of it!

JM said...

Safe travels! Can't wait to see the pics.

Blah about winter…again!


Happy Trails to you and we pray you have a safe trip.

Tired of snow? I just loved the stuff. What is that Dad, I only had to put up with it for a week.

I guess it would get old if stayed around for three months.

Take care of your self,


Squishy said...

Those snow pictures are very pretty......wished I could have come on a plane to visit.....I thought about it!