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Friday, November 23, 2012

You're a Star!!!

Second Wind Dreams has begun a new initiative at the EG called Star of the Month. The staff of the unit that our display cart is on, are invited to nominate one of their own. If we don't get any nominations we will pick someone that we think is worthy.  As we are just getting the program off the ground we selected Bella, a 31 year employee of the Rendezvous Restaurant at the EG!

Most of the Dream team-missing are Priscilla, Trudy, and Doreen who's taking the picture. Bella got a certificate, card, SWD bag and bottle, and yellow roses. Congratulations Bella!!! You are very deserving of the award!!


onecollie said...

what a wonderful thing to do!

Jane of The Jewels said...

Congratulations to Bella!! 31 years is quite an achievement in and of itself. I can only imagine how invaluable she is to the restaurant and people she comes into contact with on a daily basis.