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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Look Who's 90!!

Yes, my dad!! He made it to 90 on Sunday!! He's already started talking about 91! LOL!! And of course he's getting married any day now!! He's given up on Jill--he finally accepted that she is married.  So he set his sights on Bridget, the Irish lady who sits at the same meal time table.  She wants nothing to do with marrying him or anyone else but that doesn't stop my dad!! He sees her smiling at him, and assumes she's ready to get married!! He can't hear anything she says though--many husbands would like that gift!! Or do they employ it even without being deaf??!!
The staff came over to sing Happy Birthday
Anyway, we were going to take my dad out to the Muttart Conservatory, but it snowed in the morning, so we cancelled that.  I baked a chocolate mocha cake with mocha icing and we had a little party at the table with Dzintara, Bridget, and my dad. The staff got pieces of the cake too.

The son-in-law!!! It was so hot on the unit that the butter cream icing was softening up and sliding off the cake!!
Father and daughter!

Readers of my blog and my close friends know that my dad has made my life unhappy many times but I am glad that he's still here and that he made it to his 90th birthday. He's surpassed all members of the Stretch family (his grandfather lived to 89) and now he has to set his sights on the Jamieson/Smyth/McWilliams side--his great grandmother lived to 94). Happy Birthday Father!! ♥♥


Jane of The Jewels said...

A very Happy 90th Birthday to your Dad!! This post sure made me chuckle - 90 and looking for a wife, lol! Oh well, might as well let him have his dreams - it's obviously keeping him engaged in living. Who know what 91 will bring - maybe you'll be helping to plan a wedding :D

JM said...

I love Jane's comment...spring wedding anyone?

Happy Happy Birthday to your father. I'm glad he made it to 90 too and who knows, maybe he will beat the Jamieson/Smyth/McWilliams record. But still, 90 is not too shabby!

Personally, I hope for some of the genes from my dad's side. My great grandfather made it to 93. Grandfather to 89.

The cake looks scrumptious, as always. :)


This brings back memories as my father's birthday was around this time too. My Dad made it to 91 and I remember that one fondly.

Squishy said...

Bridget will loosen up. I can't wait for the Wedding Post.

Dianne SS said...

Hahahaha Diana!! Bridget has a very tart tongue and speaks her mind pretty bluntly. There's no wedding--at least not with her!! Never mind what her 6 children might have to say about it!!

Jane: Not if I can help it!!! LOL!
JM: I hope you inherit those genes too! The cake was pretty good, if I do say so myself!!!

Dog Dad: I'm glad your dad did make it to 91, but I know you miss him a lot.

Collie222 said...

Wow - 90 is quite an impressive age! I lost my own dad when I was just 10 years old, but I still have my mom. I hope she can make it to 90 and beyond!