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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Baaaack!!!

Did you miss me????!!! :) I've had a case of the blogging blahs, I guess.  There have been lots of things that I could have blogged about--like my job which is killing me, the hail storm we had in August that hammered the garden and flowers, herding lessons with Duffy, the return of health problems that I had 5-6 years ago, the course I'm taking, how I'm going to buy a muzzle for my dad, so he can't talk, etc., etc.  But I just couldn't work up any enthusiasm about writing it down.  I noticed a number of other Canadians have been in the blog doldrums lately too.  Maybe it's something in the air???

Anyway, I decided that a good way to re-enter the blog world would be with an upbeat, fun thing--like a party!! Specifically, this is the Halloween Party that Second Wind Dreams put on for the residents of 8Y this past Sunday. We all did the decorating and settling up the tables just before the party.  Claire's nephew and his girlfriend provided the entertainment--they are very talented! I had baked 4 1/2 dozen cupcakes--mocha chocolate, spice, and pumpkin spice.  I only needed to have baked half that amount!! Oh well--lots in the freezer for Halloween!! So here goes!
Kay with the giggles about something--I think it's because the tape kept slipping!

The residents who attended--they all had some kind of costume--chiefly hats.

Doreen strikes a pose!!

Phyllis the gypsy, Doreen the princess witch, and Kay who is wearing a borrowed eyeball necklace.

Claire gave her brother (far left) and her nephew Jason and his girlfriend/fiance SWD bags and water bottles as a thank you for entertaining the residents.

Getting the cupcakes out.  Later I wore a witch's hat that was orange/red colored and matched my jacket quite well! But no one took a picture :(
They both have had training from Grant MacEwan University's music program
Elaine won the best costume award for her wounded witch who has crashed into something!!
Happy Halloween!!!!!!



Good to have you back. Most of us go through blogging doldrums. I can hear Essex barking outside. Time to go whistle the "Lassie" tune and call her inside.

Dog Dad

Dianne SS said...

Thanks Dog Dad!!

Sam said...

How fun! It looks like everyone had a great time.

...and welcome back!


onecollie said...

buy your dad a muzzle lol!!!! still laughing at how you slipped that in hahaha!
welcome back!!

JM said...

Yes, I have missed you! Cyberspace has not been the same at all!

Great photos and the party looks like a really fun time. Love Elaine's costume.

Big ((HUGS))...and xoxos. Ha, I typed out "bugs" for "hugs." Bugs? Maybe here these days...good ol' spring bringing the critters out.

Squishy said...

I thought you fell off of a cliff.....glad you blogged finally. Sounds like a fun party!