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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work I Go!!!

Yes, I have my first shifts at Northlands on Monday (7:30 AM--yikes!!) and Tuesday at the Gift Show!! We got our assignments at the orientation Tuesday evening.  Most of the other new staff will be working at Rexall Place and for many their first shifts are the Metallica concert (Friday and Saturday).

In addition to the power point presentation, sheets and handbooks, we were also given tours of Expo Centre and Rexall. We have to know where the staff areas are, where to swipe in and out, and the sign-in sheets.  Rexall was exhausting--it's 6 levels!! But we did get to go into the River Cree Club ( for season's ticket holders) and see those fancy doors that the Oilers come out of to get to the ice.  Apparently the Oilers are the only NHL team  that goes through a public area to get on the ice. We also got to sit in the Oilers' box and the penalty box!!  We went back stage where the performers, bands, etc. hang out--typically Guest Services staff wouldn't be in these areas.

The uniform--I was pleased to see that the vest was made in Canada!! Yay! But the shirt's not--it's made in China. This goes with black dress pants, black shoes and socks.  The vest is made of some neoprene-like fabric on the outside and fleece on the inside.  No that won't be hot, especially for a menopausal woman!! Hahahaha!!
Because of the times I listed as to my availability (9-6) I'm not likely to work at Rexall for any concerts or hockey games, except for an afternoon event.   I also wouldn't ever be a host in the seating areas, due to vertigo.  We got to Level 3 and I had to sit out the climb to the top levels.  I was getting panicky as it was.  And with the lights low or off in some places, that just heightened the lack of balance and panic. Yuck! But I could scan tickets at the door!! I don't mind about the concerts or games--didn't really want to have to deal with drunken, disorderly fans!!  I'm very happy to be in Expo Centre!!

Meanwhile, the heat and humidity has returned and the 3/4 inch of rain we got last Thursday brought more mosquitoes!! We were just seeing some improvement because we had some days without rain or very little. I'm doing my best though to harvest the fruits and veggies.  I picked a pail of peas yesterday--the 3rd picking and the last for the season.  There are such beautiful tomatoes too, and I got a dish pan full of cherries from the neighbor's trees, so I'm making pie fillings, and will make some jam. I have some tiny onions from the neighbor to pickle--just enough for half a pint. I must wade out there today to see what's happening in the cucumber patch!!!
Yum!!  As my neighbor likes to say, "Peas be with you!!"

Tomato sauce coming up!!


onecollie said...

have fun!!!

Dianne SS said...

Thanks Jolene!♥

J. said...

Have a great time at work. I think you'll really enjoy it.

Oh yum, those tomatoes look scrumptious. Are you making some of your tasty relish and chutney as well?

How did your saskatoons do this year?

Squishy said...

Well how cool is all of this? I want that vest too.....especially in the middle of the night.

Brianne said...

Yum - if you're inclined to share your tomato sauce recipe, I'm on the market for a new one!


We didn't realize until you replied to our pirate post that Duffy has blue eyes. The pictures normally aren't that close to see his eyes. That means Duffy is one of those rare sable merles collies. We can't think of any other sable merles we know in person or that have a blog in cyber-paw space. We had to get a look at that November 2010 picture that shows off his blue eyes.


Shermans Dad was a tri and Mom was a sable. The litter was either tri or sable. It is very unlikely that he is a sable merle as you would expect a blue merle in the litter and the two were breed together twice with no blue merles.