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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a difference!

January 9, 2011. And we still had more snow to come!

Looking back on these pictures, I can't believe we had so much snow and that I shovelled it all!!

 January 8, 2012   Bare ground!

Duffy even has his own skating rink!! We've had lots of freezing rain episodes--not so much fun for trying to walk a dog!!



Jane said...

Wow - what a difference a year makes! I can't believe the winter we're having - I was just out and there's a very strong, cold wind blowing out there - I'm afraid our weather may be turning... I think I'd rather have more snow that I can walk in though - as opposed to these treacherous streets!

Dianne SS said...

Apparently it's going to be a short-lived cold snap and back to -1 and +1 in a couple of days. It's snowing right now though!

onecollie said...

hard to believe the horrible winter last year!
We have had no snow at all, no rain, it's been a perfect winter so far :)
It is snowing here today as well :(

Squishy said...

Wow. It is so dry here it's scary. While I can't complain in being comfortable and great to ride in and train dogs, it's going to be so bad if we don't get any rain or snow. The fire season will be scary, as will the hay prices. It's easier on you, so that is good but I wished we'd get something.