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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lobster, anyone??

Yesterday Second Wind Dreams fulfilled the dreams of 4 residents at the Edmonton General, who had wanted a lobster meal. The lunch was a great success and everyone really enjoyed their special meal. Previously when we had done a lobster meal, we got just the lobster tails, but this time the person who ordered didn't specify that and we ended up with the whole lobster.  That would have been fine, except we didn't have any appropriate tools for getting the meat out of claws and legs!  We did the best we could with some pliers (!!!!) and spoons and forks.  It wasn't pretty, but we got the job done!!

The 4 residents from nearest left--George, Roman, Darwin, and Gabrielle.  Doreen, Kellie (our new member and youngest!) and Kay serving up the food.

Kay helping George with his lobster.

Darwin looks happy!!

Yours truly with Doreen and Kay.  Roman--the fellow wearing the dark glasses--was born in Poland.  He started in on his lobster like he knew what he was doing--turns out he had eaten them a long time ago in Poland.  Guess it's kind of like riding a bike--you never forget how to dissect a lobster!!


onecollie said...

yuck!!! LOL!!

Jane said...

How nice that this simple dream was fulfilled and I'm sure it was so appreciated by the residents. Lobster is generally a messy meal to begin with, hence the bibs we all wear!

Squishy said...

I love lobster!!!
Jolene must think they are like eggs.

J. said...

Looks like they really enjoyed it! What a feast. :)