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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A moment of fame?

Yesterday I attended the Covenant Health Community luncheon at the Delta Edmonton South. The luncheon was good--the food was much better that the Amalgamated Transit Union banquet Saturday that my dad and I attended at the Shaw Conference Centre!! The luncheon keynote speaker was David Whyte who holds a degree in Marine Zoology, is a poet, leads expeditions to the Amazon, Andes, the Galapagos Islands, and does workshops and lectures. His mother was Irish and his dad a Yorkshire lad, and David grew up in Yorkshire.  This was an interesting and unusual choice as a keynote speaker for a health care organization and an audience of administrators, board members, staff, and some volunteers. But it was inspired as far as I was concerned.  He read some of his poetry to illustrate his points, told stories from his own life, and was certainly far more entertaining and relevant than the usual choices for speakers!! Bravo Covenant!!

We were all given copies of the Annual Report and herein lies my moment of fame.  Back in August Diane Berge and I were interviewed by Krysta from Covenant Communications--she even taped the interview!  She decided to center the story about SWD around my mother's airplane dream and myself as now co-chair of SWD.  I had an honest to goodness photo shoot in early September, complete with screens, bright lights, multiple shots, fussing with the props, etc.--I felt like a super model!! Well, okay not quite!! Hahaha!! And I engaged in multiple emails with Krysta over the story. As she approaches writing from a journalism perspective--corporate journalism to be precise, and I approach writing from an academic perspective, you can imagine we had some differences!! Like when she ascribed to me a quotation that Diane had made--um, that's plagiarism!! Also I don't like inaccuracies in numbers, dates, stuff like that.  I'm sure she thought I was a real pain, but she graciously made the corrections.

I scanned the page from the report, so it's not great quality, but you will get the gist of it--I hope.  I offered to sign autographs after the meeting, but no one took me up on that!!! Hahahaha!!

I really like the story because fulfilling that dream with my mother will always be something I'll cherish for the rest of my life.


J. said...

Love it! What a wonderful article and you look so beautiful in the photo! Congrats!!

onecollie said...

wow that is so awesome!!! I love that story about your mom & her dream :) & I love that picture of you in the magazine too! You look so healthy !!

Dianne SS said...

Awww, thank you Jacqueline and Jolene!! If I look healthy, it's the tan from the nice, sunny weather we were having!!

Jane said...

A very heartwarming story and wonderful memory for you. Thanks for sharing it.


Pawsome story. We are so glad dogs do not believe in plagerism. If we did there would no place left to relieve ourselves. BOL

Essex & Sherman

Squishy said...

Is there a place to read the article? Or did I miss something. I agree with everyone that you look GREAT! And what's up with no one asking for your autograph. We should have been there! I also am really weird about details and just right now I have sent my 2nd email to the Tevis people to change Ali'i's age from 21 (!!) to 13. Anyway would like to read the article!!

Dianne SS said...

Diana, if you put the mouse cursor on the picture of the article and click on it, it will enlarge to where you can read it. I'd be doing to same thing about getting Ali's correct age. I have noticed more people recognizing me at the EG and saying hello, so I guess I'll have to settle for that!! Thank you for compliment!