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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

Here it is the last week of Summer, already!  We had a terrible Spring and until August our Summer sucked big time--between the torrential downpours, the clouds of mosquitos, the endless lawn mowing, and the cooler than average temperatures we thought we had been robbed!! Mind you, everyone's lawn was soooo green, and I never had to water anything--kept the water bill down!! But August sure improved everyone's outlook--we finally had more seasonal temps and September has been even better.  We had a week of beautiful days with temps up to 30 C and they are forecasting upper 20's for us later this week. Whoo Hoo!! So here's how Duffy enjoys nice Summer days--as only dogs can!!





That looks like fun. If you run away to Florida, look us up. The bad part is we have bugs all year round.

Essex & Sherman

Jane said...

What a sweetie - dogs know what's truly important in life :)

onecollie said...

haha Duffy!! Woody rolls around like that too:)
Have you noticed all the flys & wasps that have come up since Sept??

Squishy said...

He is so cute.

J. said...

Love it! Dog days indeed! Enjoy the last warm, lovely days before fall sets in.

Cynthia said...

So much fun to roll in the grass! It won't be green for much longer, unfortunately. I love the fall.

Shane Kent Louis said...

Rolling on the grass, oh just look lots of fun! Woof!

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