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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not so much laughing right now...

Two sick dogs, exhaustion from sleep being broken up every 2 hours either due to letting a dog out or my nose relentlessly dripping  and attacks of sneezing, allergies from hell because of smoke from forest fires and from grasses and what not, mosquitoes that are on the rampage, and a humidity that is oppressive to say the least...that's August.  How's yours going? Humidity comparison:  this morning the humidity in Tampa, Florida is 79% in a thunder shower, New Orleans has a 58% humidity. Here in Edmonton at 10:30 our humidity is 80% and we are expecting a high of 30' C so that should push the humidex temperature to 35' C.  Fun!!

How about  some happy pictures to offset the yucky stuff?
Just before the start of the Harvest Days parade in Bon Accord, Saturday August 9.  Dave drove my uncles' 1955 McCormick vintage tractor and I rode beside him like I used to do when I was a girl and Uncle Mike was driving the tractor.  The man on the far left was one of my mother's students in the one room school at Bruyere in the mid 1940s.

August 2009--Duffy was 1 year,4 months old


onecollie said...

oh no! whats wrong with the boys??? do you know my breeders 4 month old puppy came down with Parvo? Liz caught it in time but she spent a whole week at the vets in isolation on IV, just came home today! We think she got it at the AKC show. I am keeping my guys away from class for 10 days as Lync played with Sibley the day before she came down with it :(
Fingers crossed Lync won't show any symptoms, oh Kort brought home a flea, you can imagine the washing and cleaning I've been doing here, ugh!
kiss the boys, hope they feel better soon!!

Squishy said...

What's wrong with the doggies???


Sure hope all of you get better.

Dog Speed,


Dianne SS said...

Thanks Sherman!! The boys are all better but I still have my allergies and will until the harvest is done and it freezes!!