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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pruning and Brushing

Dave was finally able to get some of my fruit trees pruned today--2 cherry and one apple were done. This still leave a big apple tree , a smaller tree, and maybe the lilacs and saskatoon tree.  But maybe just the apple trees. He's going to fix my cousin's air seeder first though. There were lots of brush piles around the yard and then the wood chipper made short work of most of it.  The 2 big apple trees are old and parts are dying, so they were cut off--that wood is really hard and doesn't go through the chipper.  The neighbor gets the log sized pieces and the bigger branches of dead wood for his fireplace.  We had 2 helpers--well maybe more like supervisors!! Lanny was right there beside us, except when the power saw fired up and he backed right away.  He's got excellent machine and vehicle smarts--stays back of dangerous things.  That makes for a really good farm dog.  Duffy is reactive to a lot of noisy machines and that can make him get too close to them. And that's not good!!
Then we had supper from Lan's--our most favorite restaurant--and it's only 4 blocks away!! It's a SE Asian fusion place. Delicious salad rolls and my fave Red Curry Chicken Stew!! Yum!!  A busy and productive day outside, ending with great food!! Who could ask for more???!!
Duffy is sitting beyond the brush piles, waiting for Dave. 
More branches
Dave and the wood chipper.  Neighbor Iolanda and son Frank in the background.
Let's chew on this stick!! Okay!!
Happy, smiley Lanny--one of my most favorite pictures of Lanny!!! ♥♥


onecollie said...

Maybe Duffy and Lanny think they should be helping Dave chip the wood :)
I love your yard! I wish I had a pretty yard full of trees and flowers, but I don't want to put money into a rental house , I keep dreaming that maybe I will have my own yard someday,
I LOVE that picture of Lanny, it really is the best one ever!

Dianne SS said...

I love my yard too!! And I have my mother to thank for laying it out like that--she had such a good designer's eye. I wish I could roll up the house and the yard and take it all out to the farm!! After we had done the major piles of branches and only had the thicker ones left, Lanny began carrying them over to us while we sat on the bench!! He's always been big on sticks and branches, so he'd be a a good helper. Duffy is the supervisor type!! Thank you about Lanny's picture--I love it!! And I hope that one day you will have your own yard!!