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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pre-Christmas Farm Scenes

As 2013 winds down, life (or whatever) continues to throw it's curve balls in so many different ways.  I won't bore people with a blog post about it all!  A lot of people I know have had a pretty yucky year overall, so I know we aren't alone.  I was able to be at the farm briefly one day this week and took the opportunity to walk around and take a couple of pictures.  It was a cold, but sunny day.

I slogged through snow that was over my tall boots to get this picture and got a boot full of snow.  I followed coyote tracks, but apparently they are lighter on their feet than I am!! Hahaha!!

I love how the spruce tree rises out of the poplars!

The guest house!! Hahaha!! Well it could be with some work!! But first let's get a main house with indoor plumbing!!

Merry Christmas and may 2014 be a better year than 2013!!


Squishy said...

The guest house looking very sturdy!! I hope you post more photos soon!

onecollie said...

it's so pretty out there , you are so lucky!

JM said...

It's so beautiful out there. Like a Christmas card. :)


Now that looks like Essexmas to us. Hard to get into the holidays in Key West because there is no nip in the air.

Happy Colliedays


Dianne SS said...

Happy Colliedays to you too Sherman!! We wouldn't mind a chance to experience a warm Christmas. Everyone here is heartily sick of this winter and all the snow and cold!!