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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bye bye football!

No I'm not talking about the Edmonton Eskimos' season! Snarf!!
Could this sweet looking boy... this to the football?

Looks like a bunny exploded on the lawn!!
The football was a gift to Duffy from the neighbor on Duffy's birthday 2 years ago. Lanny adopted the toy and loves running around with it flapping away, fetches it when it's thrown, and also slams it in to my legs from time to time!! Such a rough boy!!



Bowsers, we thought that Scottie must have beamed your ball up.

Essex & Sherman

Dianne SS said...

BOL Essex and Sherman!!

Squishy said...

Might this collie, related to Sage Brush????

Dianne SS said...

I believe he might be!! Ahem!!

onecollie said...

did you sew it??? I always sew toys hahaha!