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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two weeks in the life...

There was the July 1 long weekend--rained Canada Day morning, then cleared off, and Monday was really nice.  Tuesday we were without water all day--water main work down the lane.  I had filled pails and half filled 5 gallon containers, just in case their work went longer--they had warned about that.  Tuesday evening into Wednesday, we had the most amount of rain fall since May--1inch!! Hooray! Wednesday the strong winds knocked out our power for 3 hours.  Not Hooray!
Heat's great for the garden!

And then the heat wave started to build! Thursday was just right--I took my dad for a 'stroll' around the block of the Edmonton General. By Saturday we were in humidity hell--and since then I swear that I'm living on the Mississippi River delta!! Saturday, Duffy and I attended an all day Beginners Agility Workshop put on by the K9 Korruption Dog Sports and Training Club at their facilities at the Beverly Heights Community League.  It's the hockey rink--which is really nice and fenced, but no shade!! There were 6 of us attending--3 had done some agility, 2 of whom had competed in trials, and 3 of us who had no agility experience. The instructor was Dan Roufosse--he had along his 1 1/2 year old smooth sable Collie girl named Ice (bred by Trudy Taphorn, and a Kennedy granddaughter!) and his blue merle Sheltie X-Stream, ranked in AAC with 24 legs earned this year and 4 titles. He going to the Nationals in BC next month, with X.
Bella ( in the foreground) helping Dan lay out another course.
Duffy keeping relatively cool in his camper crate that I had bought at a dog show when Jolene was up here showing Kort. She had this style for her boys, and I thought it was a good investment!

All in all we had a good time.  Duffy had done an A-frame after Conformation classes once, so that was a breeze!  Duffy quickly caught on to the dog walk, the chute, and some of the tunnels--he didn't like the yellow one though!! We all got to run a Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, and Gamblers course--or modified ones depending on the age and experience of the dog.  We didn't do the teeter and the jumps were 10 inches.  This Wednesday evening, we start Agility classes--they are underway already with 3 classes done, but as we had a crash course, so to speak, on Saturday, we'll get some homework at the Agility Drop-In on Friday to catch up and as they are just doing the dog walk tomorrow night, we are okay there. Pretty cool eh?

Thursday is the Capital Ex Kick-off event for volunteers--they give us the low-down on the new events, show us a Rah Rah video, and feed us a meal! Edmonton's summer fair is going to have a new name by the time 'Capital Ex' is over.  When I was a kid, it was known as the Edmonton Exhibition, then in the 1960's it became Klondike Days, and then several years ago some bright spark decided we should sound all trendy and 'X Men' and 'X Factor' like with Capital Ex.  I hate the name and apparently I'm not alone!! Enough people protested, so they began asking for suggestions, then they short-listed 6 names, and people will be able to cast their vote during the 10 days of the exhibition.   A lot of folks want Klondike Days back again. I think the name and the fair should reflect Edmonton's history--First Nations' presence, the fur trade, agriculture, education centre, and capital of the province. Should be interesting to see what happens.
This is from last year--this is the outfit we have to wear.  Dark pants or capris on a hot summer day--thanks! Notice the dressing bandage on my left leg. Just a couple of days before Capital Ex started I tangled with a weed whacker--the cover flew off.
This is what my leg looked like the day of the accident-July 20, 2011.

Not a clear picture, but this was October 2011. It bled and oozed and hurt for months.  It was February of this year before I could leave off a dressing finally.

And this is what it looks like today--bruising now, the last stages of healing. Dave figures the cord cut almost to the bone! Ugh! Good thing I didn't think it was as bad as it really was. It got infected from time to time, but I kept using colloidol silver, topically and orally, and ignored everyone telling me I needed to get to a doctor and get antibiotics. It couldn't be sewn up and antibiotics wouldn't heal it, so what was the point.  I also let Duffy lick it--dogs having an antiseptic saliva.  I didn't tell my antibiotic promoting friends about that!! They would have had a heart attack!!

Next Tuesday, I do my first stint of volunteering at Northlands--pre-Capital Ex-- stuffing bags for 4 hours!!  They keep sending volunteer jobs, but I decided I have to have a limit and some just aren't my cup pf tea either--like entertaining people along the parade route prior to the parade, or carrying big awkward balloons! So starting Friday, the first day of Capital Ex, and for 5 days the following week, I'll either be an Arrival Ambassador (snicker--we were Gate Greeters last year!!) or a Western Gallery Booth Relief person. I don't work the weekends--too many people then!!

So there's my life into August--Agility classes with Duffy, volunteering, doing the usual stuff like I did today--picking a pile of rhubarb, picking the first raspberries of the season, watering the turning brown lawn, and trying to stay cool in the heat.  We broke a record yesterday--it was +33 with the Humidex putting it at +36. That's about 98' and way too hot for us up here in the Frozen North! LOL! Oh yeah, and still waiting to hear if there are any puppies from Duffy's sister Callie.  I'm starting to get a little concerned--her due date was Friday. And last, but not least, we have some undesirable elements on this block, that have been partying it up into the wee hours of the weekend mornings, and playing little tricks on people.  The neighbor's had their propane tank put in a water barrel, boards were moved, and a beer can was left in the wheelbarrow.  Saturday night, my side gate was opened and left that way. Duffy must have barked, but I didn't hear anything as I had the fan going so I could sleep.  Duffy was outside during the night--he likes that as it's way cooler than the house. When I saw the gate at 7:30 Sunday morning, I almost had a heart attack. I just thank God, that apparently Duffy has a strong sense of his property and didn't leave the yard. I went to Canadian Tire and bought a padlock and cable to wrap around the bar.  I think it's time to get a 5 foot fence and proper gate put in there. Oh and I'd like to mount a Gatling Gun on the roof! No, I'm not kidding!!
I hope there's another collie in my future besides Duffy and his pal Duncan!!


Jane said...

I am in shock over how long your leg has taken to heal - you poor thing! I can only imagine how much pain you were in all last summer and fall.

It's definitely been a hot one the past few days -we're certainly getting our money's worth out of this summer. I lol'd at your Mississippi River delta comment! I could do with it cooling down a bit - that being said, I'm soaking it up - winters are so long up here...

I like the idea of renaming the Capital Ex - I've hated the name since they changed it - too trendy and doesn't reflect anything about the city. It's just plain tacky.

I sure hope your neighbourhood intruders were just an isolated event.

onecollie said...

you look so cute in you volunteer outfit!!!
I am thrilled you are doing agility!! I can hardly wait until you guys trial! will you be doing AAC agility or CKC or both !! I do both. I have met Dan & X & Tater & Ice, both Tater & X are awesome!! When I volunteered in Medicine Hat at the regionals X was there, you are in good hands!

J. said...

Wow, so much going on. Really feels like summer now, with Capital Ex/KDays/whatever it's called.

Love the uniform, even if it's impractical. I remember when my mother used to have a booth in the Sport Ex in the late 70s, 1980. We'd spend all day at KDays, but there was no a/c in the building itself and it was sweltering.

Oh, your poor leg. That has taken such a long time to heal.

Undesirables, ack. We had some teens steal (and destroy) the Christmas decorations out of our yard last December. Sucks. We won't be putting any out there this year.

Dianne SS said...

Anyone who has been sliced with a weedwhacker says it takes a long time to heal. It does damage through so many layers--skin, muscle.

I'm always sad when the exhibition is over, because it means there's only one certain month of summer left:( I worked as a hostess in the Sportex for 5 years of Klondike Days and oh how I remember that there was no air conditioning! Wearing Klondike dresses and hats--made me think about how lucky we are with our clothes now, compared to the 1890's! And the floor was concrete--walking for 6 hour shifts on that was no fun!! I should mention that my volunteer golf shirt is polyester--yeah like that's great for a hot day!

Jolene: I've very happy to hear that Dan has your seal of approval! X is so super fast!!

As for intruders--they are renters and we have far too many rental properties in this neighborhood and it's only getting worse. Unfortunately I don't see things improving. That sucks Jacqueline--what kind of jerks would steal and destroy Christmas decorations? Sad.

Squishy said...

Ok, I was going to say I like Klondike Days too. All the other names....really bad. And, your leg omg!! I didn't realize it was that bad and to take so long to heal??? Geeezzz!!! I also have not wanted to take antibiotics and haven't gone to the doctor yet, but I am totally fine with spraying the Vetricyn on my leg as it's healing it FAST! Had I been a little more flexible, I might have taken Cardiff to the vet for drugs when she got bit on the nose because now I'm thinking it wouldn't have scarred so bad. They do have their place, even though I'd do something more natural if I could, first. The older I get, the more I am willing to be a little more flexible as I've found nothing is an absolute. Just my novice opinion!
Love the crate and yes, the lock is a very good idea. I even lock my gates way out where we live. It's too easy to have one get open, or someone that thinks it's ok to do such a thing. I'm really glad Duffy stayed home!! And, can't wait to hear on the whelping!!!

onecollie said...

PS did Dan tell you X's name is actually Extreme? Suitable I would say !


Bowsers, nasty old weed wacker.

Love the picture of Duffy and Duncan.