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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dog bath continued

It's coming along nicely!!
Drainage hole
Adjustable chain to attach the collar to, if needs be.
Nob for tightening up the holder
Looking good!! Always marry a welder--a good welder, mind you!!


Jane said...

Now that it's lying on the side, I see it! Looks good for sure :) I bet Duffy can't wait... hehe

onecollie said...

oh that is awesome!!!! soooo jealous!

J. said...

Looks great!! Kudos Dave!

Squishy said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks soooo professional!!!

Dianne SS said...

I've passed along all your compliments to Dave!! Thanks!!


Bowsers, that looks nice. However, if Duffy is like us, he rather not have it. We hate showers.

Essex & Sherman

Cynthia said...

How Nice! I want one!