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Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad!!

Today is my father's 89th birthday! A few weeks ago I wasn't sure he was going to be here for either his birthday or Christmas. But he rallied and for that I am very grateful. I hope he makes it to 90. His grandfather, James Roderick Stretch lived to the age of 89, dying in Port Coquitlam, BC in 1931. He had been born in Upper Canada, then moved with his wife, parents and many of his brothers and sisters to Minnesota to homestead, then in 1899 he came back to Canada to the then Northwest Territories to homestead at Ponoka with his sons, and he made one final move to the west coast in 1907. I think it's amazing that he traversed most of a continent and crossed the 49th parallel twice in his lifetime! I would love to have been able to talk to him about it all!!! My paternal grandmother's 2 sisters both lived into their 90's--Aunta Della lived in Portland, Oregon, and Aunt Minnie lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And their grandmother, my great great grandmother, Mary McWilliams Jamieson died at Ponoka at the age of 94. So there are some long lives and good genes in the family. My dad has already lived longer than any of his brothers or sister did--I think 81 is the longest they lived. So with a little luck, he can make it to 90, at least!! And I can continue to hear him lament that he hasn't found a wife yet and that he has no children. I guess I'm Mother's child! Hahaha! But I love him anyway!!
Proof that I am his child!!!

Surfer Daddy--taken at the Hawaiian beach party in July

The chocolate chiffon cake he gets this afternoon!
Happy Birthday Father!! ♥


Jane said...

A delightful tribute to your father. Wishes for a very happy birthday - enjoy your celebrations :)


We hope your Dad makes 90 too. My Dad made 91, Mom 80. God bless and keep you and yours safe.

Dog Dad & the Collies

Sherman's tooth fell out.

onecollie said...

Happy Birthday Dianne's Dad!!!!
You come from a long line of longevity!! I am so glad your dad rallied through & made it to today !

J. said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! He comes from great stock, all those good genes for long life.

Hope the day went well. The cake looks scrumptious as usual. I'm licking my computer screen (low calorie version).

Squishy said...

Wow, happy birthday Dad!! 89 is a great age and the fact that he still wants to find a wife and have children is........encouraging that he'll be around a long time! Then you can have more littermates! Thanks for sharing. Family history is so interesting!

Dianne SS said...

On behalf of my dad, thank you all for the birthday wishes!!

Dog Dad--glad to hear Sherman's last tooth is out! I'm sorry that both your parents are gone, but your dad certainly lived to very good age.

J.--that's your favorite cake too!!!

Squishy--well, somehow, I don't think I'll be getting any brother or sister at this point!!

Brianne said...

Your dad sounds like a character! Those are cool pictures, and the cake looks delicious. :)