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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Trip to Camrose

The Battle River Canaine Association held their dog show this past weekend in Camrose. Jolene and Kort were coming up, so I decided that Duffy and I would take a trip to Camrose to see Jolene and to cheer her and Kort on, in their bid to get those last 3 points for his championship. I should mention for those who don't already know, that Kort and Duffy are littermates and have many of the same 'interesting' issues, qualities, and challenges! Such fun! Haha!

We got up early Sunday morning--well early for a Sunday,7:30. I took Duffy for a walk and by mid-morning we were on our way. The Group 7 ring time was 1 PM. It's been over 15 years since I went out to Camrose--the last time being when I took my dad down to Sedgewick, where he was born and grew up and we visited the cemetary where his parents are buried. Highway 21 is being twinned for a ways out of the city. That was fine until we left the divided part and were on the 2 lane highway. Now Duffy is only used to Highway 2 which is a divided highway with a wide median--no traffic rushing past at close quarters. Well, he totally freaked out about vehicles whizzing past us. At first he threw himself at the window of the canopy, in which he rides. That I didn't need! Then he 'settled down' to only barking at every vehicle. He would watch out the front window for on-coming traffic and be ready to bark at them as they went past. What a nice relaxing drive! NOT! I am seriously thinking of crating him in the back of the truck so he doesn't see everything and have to bark at it.

We made it to Camrose and I found the exhibition grounds and building. Duffy stayed in the truck--finally some peace and quiet! I saw Jolene and Kort outside but by the time I went in and paid, I couldn't find her. I watched a little of the junior handling and then tried again to find her. The Camrose show is kind of disorganized and the grooming areas were not laid out in a nice orderly manner (not like Edmonton--of course!) But I knew if I could see Big Boy Kort on the grooming table, I'd have success. And sure enough there he was and there Jolene was! I haven't seen her since the Edmonton show in October, so it was so great to meet up again. She had driven up with a gal named Vicky and her sweet little Spaniel Claire. So I met them too. Everything was running behind and as Rough Collies were the last breed in the group to go in, there was plenty of time to talk. I helped Vicky carry some of Claire's winning loot as she went to get her offical picture taken. And then it was time for Kort to go into the ring. Now I am not going to say anything about the outcome, as Jolene hasn't had a chance to report about the show yet.

So that's how to handle a dog show!

After the show was over Jolene brought Kort out to the truck and I got Daffy--I mean Duffy--out and the brothers got reacquainted. Too bad there was no one to take pictures of this big event! Then we went over to a grass area and Kort pee'd down a gopher hole (conversation in the gopher residence--"Is it raining up there?" "Hmmm, maybe, but it smells funny! Maybe some of that acid rain we read about!"). Duffy and Kort then proceeded to pee all over the place and Duffy acted like the goofy puppy he still is. He just wants to play, but when Kort's tail stopped wagging, we kept them apart.

Kort and Duffy in my backyard April 2009

Then it was time to say farewell until another dog show/visit. Back home to Edmonton we went--Duffy still barking at every oncoming vehicle. But this time I didn't seem to notice as much--maybe I had lost part of my hearing! On a side note, I never seem to be able to retrace my return trip on the same route that I took in the first place. I inherited my father's must get lost while driving home gene--lucky me! So I found Rowland Road and Baseline Road in Edmonton, missed the 82 Ave. turn-off because the sun was in my eyes, drove through the refinery area and finally got onto 118 Ave. and got home! Of course, my dad and I always do find our way home and Native people say that one should never retrace one's path. So there you go!

Jolene and Kort in the ring enjoying themselves

Duffy and I both enjoyed our adventure and it was so good to see Jolene. I wish we lived closer to each other! When Jolene has had a chance to post her blog, I'll put up some more pictures.


onecollie said...

What a great post Dianne! I totally cracked up when you said Daffy!!! I had forgot about Kort peeing down the poor gophers hole!!
You can post more pics if you like, my blog is up!
I wish we lived closer too, always great to see you!

Squishy said...

Poor gophers!!! That was very funny!! I can see it! Daffy and Kort!!